Miles Ahead


Miles Ahead is a 2015 American biographical-drama film directed by Don Cheadle in his feature directorial debut, which Cheadle co-wrote with Steven Baigelman, Stephen J. Rivele, and Christopher Wilkinson, which interprets the life and compositions of jazz musician Miles Davis. The film stars Cheadle, Emayatzy Corinealdi, and Ewan McGregor, and closed the New York Film Festival on October 11, 2015.[2] The film takes its title from Davis's 1957 album.

Cheadle took a free-form approach to the film's narrative. Skipping around in time, it depicts Davis' attempts to get his career back on track following a period of inactivity and drug addiction in the 1970s, fictional adventures with a journalist (played by McGregor) who wants to profile him, and his troubled marriage to a former dancer (Corinealdi).[3] The film's score covers, in non-linear fashion, Davis' actual recordings throughout his career, beginning with Agharta (1975) before jumping back and forth in scenes featuring Kind of Blue (1959), Someday My Prince Will Come (1961), Bitches Brew (1970), and We Want Miles (1981), among others.[4]

Miles Ahead received mostly positive reviews from critics. Reviewers generally praised Cheadle's direction and performance, although some were critical of the plot. The film has grossed over $5 million.

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weitere Titel:
Miles Ahead nb ast hif
В погоне за Майлзом
پیشروی مایلزfa
MILES AHEAD/マイルス・デイヴィス 空白の5年間
Miles Ahead (film)id
Genre:Filmbiografie, Musikfilm, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 9966
Verleih:Sony Pictures Classics
Regie:Don Cheadle
Drehbuch:Steven Baigelman
Kamera:Roberto Schaefer
Musik:Robert Glasper
Darsteller:Don Cheadle
Emayatzy Corinealdi
Ewan McGregor
Michael Stuhlbarg
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