The Videos 86–98


The Videos 86>98 is a music video compilation by Depeche Mode, featuring almost two dozen music videos directed by a variety of directors, released in 1998. It coincides with The Singles 86>98.[1]

The original movie was released on VHS and DVD. There was however a special edition, DVD only, called Videos 86>98 + (without "The", and with "+") released in 2002. The DVD was two discs, the first disc being identical to the only disc in the original DVD, while the second DVD contains bonus material not found in the original release.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
The Videospl
The Videos 86-98
The Videos 86–98
The Videos 86−98
IMDB: 710
Regie:Peter Care
Anton Corbijn
Tamra Davis
Kevin Kerslake
Donn Alan Pennebaker
Musik:Depeche Mode
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