Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie


Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie is a 1995 American science-fiction/adventure/comedy short film written and directed by Bob Gale.[1]

Designed as an interactive movie, it comprises slightly over two hours of footage, approximately 20 minutes of which is seen in each viewing.[3] It requires the audience to vote for various directions the story will take, using a joystick attached to the armrests of their seats.[4] A special LaserDisc-based machine in the projection booth was designed to make instantaneous edits as the story unfolded.[5] The film took up four CAV LaserDiscs.[6]

The film stars an android (Billy Warlock) who, in a number of possible storylines, takes action by humiliating or attacking people who have committed crimes or have done wrong in the past. Gale and Christopher Lloyd, who had previously worked on the Back to the Future trilogy, worked on this film as well, and the music was scored by Michael Tavera, who had composed the music for the animated Back to the Future series.

The movie billed itself as "the world's first interactive movie," but it was predated by 1992's I'm Your Man in the US[7] and the true first interactive movie Kinoautomat, conceived by Radúz Činčera in 1967.

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weitere Titel:
Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Regie:Bob Gale
Drehbuch:Bob Gale
Musik:Michael Tavera
Darsteller:Billy Warlock
Leslie Easterbrook
Christopher Lloyd
Bruce McGill
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