Athens, GA: Inside/Out


Athens, GA: Inside/Out is a documentary film about the mid-1980s music scene in Athens, Georgia, U.S.[1]

The film features interviews and concert footage of local bands who were a part of the scene at the time of the documentation as well as local legends R.E.M., Pylon, and The B-52's. It also features an interview with famous folk artist Howard Finster and Athens poet John Seawright reading his work, "I Broke My Saw." Among the bands featured are Kilkenny Cats, Flat Duo Jets, Time Toy, the Bar-B-Que Killers, Dreams So Real, and Love Tractor. Local legendary personality ORT's storytelling also features prominently in the film. A soundtrack was released on vinyl and cassette.

The film was prominently featured on MTV's The Cutting Edge as well as the first six episodes of MTV's 120 Minutes which featured a contest "Win a Weekend in Athens, GA". It was named pick of the week video by People magazine in 1988 and named one of the Top Ten Films about Georgia by the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

On June 18, 2008, Athens, GA: Inside/Out kicked off AthFest 2008, with a showing at Ciné followed by a panel discussion and question and answer session featuring ORT, members of Pylon, and other Athens, GA: Inside/Out cast members. Dexter Romweber performed a solo set following the session.

The documentary has been referenced by Silent Old Mtns drummer, Pat Acuna, as being the inspiration for his time spent in Athens, GA.

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