Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters is an Australian Logie Award-winning soap opera/drama serial created by Reg Watson and produced by the Reg Grundy Organisation between 1981 and 1987. The first episode aired on Monday 18 January 1982, during the Christmas/New Year non-ratings period in both Sydney and Melbourne, and the broadcast date of the final episode varied across Australia. The final episode was screened in Sydney on Sunday 27 December 1987 and in Melbourne on Sunday 10 January 1988 (again in the non-ratings period). Adelaide station ADS7 was one of the first to complete the series, showing the final episodes in a two-hour special on Monday 16 November 1987.

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weitere Titel:
Sons and Daughters ast ga
Сыновья и дочери
IMDB: 206
Darsteller:Rowena Wallace
Tom Richards
Leila Hayes
Brian Blain
Pat McDonald
Ian Rawlings
Stephen Comey
Danny Roberts
Cornelia Frances
Belinda Giblin
Sarah Kemp
Peter Phelps
Ally Fowler
Kim Lewis
Alyce Platt
Lyndel Rowe
Judy Nunn
Oriana Panozzo
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