Nas: Time Is Illmatic


Nas: Time Is Illmatic is a 2014 documentary film directed by One9 and produced by One9, Erik Parker and Anthony Saleh.[2] The film recounts the circumstances leading up to Nas' 1994 debut album Illmatic.[3] Released on the 20th anniversary of Illmatic,[4] the film includes interviews with Nas, his brother and father, and figures from the East Coast hip hop scene.[5] Nas: Time Is Illmatic premiered during the opening night of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, on April 16, 2014.[6] The project received a grant from Tribeca All Access and additional funding from the Ford Foundation.[7]

Nas: Time Is Illmatic received positive reviews from most critics. As of July 1, 2019, the film's Metacritic score is 72/100,[8] and its Rotten Tomatoes score is 100%, with an average rating of 7.38/10.[9] The documentary was a recipient of a Candescent Award.[10] Nas: Time Is Illmatic was considered by Variety magazine to be a likely contender to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, but did not receive a nomination.[11]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
Kinostart:13.09.2014 in Japan
25.10.2014 in Vereinigtes Königreich
25.06.2015 in Deutschland
weitere Titel:
Nas: Time Is Illmatic ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Verleih:Tribeca Productions
Drehbuch:Erik Parker
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