Lady Chatterley


Lady Chatterley is a 1993 BBC television serial starring Sean Bean and Joely Richardson. It is an adaptation of D. H. Lawrence's 1928 novel Lady Chatterley's Lover, first broadcast on BBC1 in four 55-minute episodes between 6 and 27 June 1993. A young woman's husband returns wounded after the First World War. Facing a life with a husband now incapable of sexual activity she begins an affair with the groundskeeper. The film reflects Lawrence's focus not only on casting away sexual taboos, but also the examination of the British class system.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Lady Chatterleyhu
查泰萊夫人 (電視電影)zh
ליידי צ'טרליhe
Любовник леди Чаттерлей (мини-сериал)
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 1649
Regie:Ken Russell
Drehbuch:D. H. Lawrence
Ken Russell
Darsteller:Joely Richardson
Sean Bean
Ken Russell
Brian Blessed
Shirley Anne Field
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