Nattbuss 807


Nattbuss 807 ("Night Bus 807") is a Swedish thriller film (based on the real murder of a young skinhead in 1992) which was released to cinemas in Sweden on 28 February 1997,[1] directed by David Flamholc. The film is based on a true story and events of the 1993 murder of a young boy in Vendelsö during the Stockholm Water Festival.[2] The movie received mixed reviews but gained "cult" status by the younger audience in Sweden.

The movie's script and dialogues are taken directly from the real murder investigation. Many scenes in the movie and most of the dialogue happened in real life, such as the fights, the hooliganism, the police hearings and lots of the pieces of evidence found.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
Kinostart:28.02.1997 in Schweden
weitere Titel:
Nattbuss 807
Genre:Thriller, Filmdrama
Regie:David Flamholc
Kamera:Mårten Nilsson
Schnitt:David Flamholc
Musik:Kenneth Cosimo Henriksson
Darsteller:Johan Svangren
Rolf Andersson
Johan Hedenberg
Jonte Halldén
Fredrik Dolk
Mats Rudal
Babben Larsson
Jenny Lindroth
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