The Reef


The Reef (also known as Passion's Way) is a 1999 American-Czech-German made-for-television historical drama film directed by Robert Allan Ackerman based on the book The Reef by Edith Wharton. It starred Sela Ward, Timothy Dalton, Alicia Witt, Jamie Glover. It was filmed in Prague, Czech Republic in 1996 but did not premiere on CBS until July 25, 1999.

In early 20th century France, a young widow renews her love with a man until she discovers that he had a past relationship with one of her new employees, who is a nanny. This makes the two women accuse each other for particular reasons until the end of the movie.

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weitere Titel:
The Reef ast
آب‌سنگ (فیلم ۱۹۹۹)fa
Genre:Filmdrama, Liebesfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten, Deutschland
Verleih:Columbia Broadcasting System
Regie:Robert Allan Ackerman
Drehbuch:William Hanley
Musik:Patrick Williams
Darsteller:Sela Ward
Timothy Dalton
Alicia Witt
Jamie Glover
Cynthia Harris
Leslie Caron
Hannah Taylor-Gordon
Robert Russell
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