The Exploits of the Emden


The Exploits of the Emden is a 1928 silent Australian film about the Battle of Cocos; the World War I naval battle between Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney and German cruiser SMS Emden. It consists of footage from a 1926 German film, Our Emden, with additional sequences shot in Australia by director Ken G. Hall. Only part of the film survives today.[2]

Prior to World War I, a German officer in China sends for his wife to join him. When war is declared, he is assigned to the Emden. He is reunited with his wife when the Emden takes aboard passengers from the Diplomat in the Indian Ocean. The Emden fights the Sydney and is destroyed but the German officer survives.[3]

The Australian rights to Our Emden were bought by First National Pictures, but when the film arrived in 1927 they were worried about the casting of Germans to play Australians. John Jones, the managing director of First National, assigned his publicity director, Ken G. Hall with the task of shooting additional scenes.[4] At this stage of Hall's career, his only experience in handling film came with re-editing movies to meet the requirements of Australian censorship.

Hall wrote and shot a number of new sequences, including one where an Australian soldier on the Emden collects his debts before the battle begins.[5] The movie was made with the co-operation of the Royal Australian Navy, who allowed Hall to shoot footage on the real HMAS Sydney while it was training off Jervis Bay. Technical advice was provided by a signaller from the battle.[6][7]

Hall later said in a 1972 interview that the more research he did into the battle, the less impressed he was with how Sydney' s captain, John Glossop had acted:

The film enjoyed good reviews[10] and was a popular success at the box office, launching Hall's directorial career.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
The Exploits of the Emden sh
The Exploits of The Emdency
Herstellungsland:Deutschland, Australien
Regie:Ken G. Hall
Louis Ralph
Drehbuch:Ken G. Hall
Schnitt:Ken G. Hall
Produzent:Ken G. Hall
Darsteller:Royal Australian Navy
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