Tango Charlie


Tango Charlie is a 2005 Indian Hindi war film written and directed by Mani Shankar. The film stars Ajay Devgn, Bobby Deol, Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Tanisha, Nandana Sen and Sudesh Berry. The film follows paramilitary man Tarun Chauhan (Bobby Deol) journey from young border guard recruit to war-hardened fighter in the Indian Border Security Force. The film presents the idea that real soldiers are not born, but bred.[1]

The film deals with insurgency and extremism in various parts of India, and was described by BBC's Jaspreet Pandohar as "an interesting study of Indian terrorism, violence, and valour".[1] The Hindu newspaper called the film "a visual treat with a daring theme" and "dares to enter where the Indian media shies away".[2][3][4]

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weitere Titel:
Tango Charlie pl ms id
टैंगो चार्ली (सन् २००५या संकिपा)new
टैंगो चार्ली (2005 फ़िल्म)hi
ট্যাঙ্গো চার্লিbn
تانگو چارلیfa
టాంగో చార్లీte
IMDB: 1624
Regie:Mani Shankar
Drehbuch:Mani Shankar
Musik:Anand Raj Anand
Darsteller:Sanjay Dutt
Sunil Shetty
Ajay Devgan
Bobby Deol
Nandana Sen
Alok Nath
Rajendranath Zutshi
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