Harry Cheshire

Harry V. Cheshire (August 16, 1891 – June 16, 1968), originally from Emporia, Kansas, was an American character actor who appeared in over 100 films, mostly playing small roles. He was also a stage actor and performed on a St. Louis radio station's musical program. He may be best known for playing Judge Ben Wiley on Buffalo Bill, Jr.

Cheshire began his show business career in 1908, entertaining the audience between reels of short silent movies at the Old Nickelodeon Theater in Kansas City. He was active in stage work with the Hi Jinks Company and Liberty Players acting troupes during the 1920s and 1930s.

He acquired the nickname Pappy after appearing as Pappy Cheshire with his Hilly Billy Band on the St. Louis radio station KMOX.

Cheshire's first film role was as Pappy Cheshire in the 1940 Republic Pictures' musical Barnyard Follies. He was the minister who marries George Bailey (James Stewart) and Mary Hatch (Donna Reed) in It's a Wonderful Life, and played small-town judges in the westerns Sioux City Sue, The Fabulous Texan and Carbine Williams. He played Doctor Gray in Adventures of Gallant Bess. In 1955, during a two-week break from filming episodes of the television series Buffalo Bill, Jr., Cheshire was able to fit in a supporting role in the film Soldier of Fortune.

In addition to playing judges in films, Cheshire also played characters following the same occupation on two television series. From 1955 - 1956 he was Judge "Fair and Square" Ben Wiley in the syndicated western television series, Buffalo Bill, Jr..[10] From 1958-1962 he was Judge Traeger in episodes of the Lawman.

He guest starred in other television programs, including The Lone Ranger, Annie Oakley, The Gene Autry Show, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, I Love Lucy and The Red Skelton Show.

One writer stated that Cheshire had the ability "to appear genial and grumpy at the same time."

Harry Cheshire was married to Myrtle Cheshire. They had two children, son Harry Jr. and daughter Leona, and in February 1968 the couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Cheshire died in 1968. He is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.[11]


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