Second Honeymoon


Second Honeymoon is a 1937 screwball romantic comedy directed by Walter Lang and starring Tyrone Power and Loretta Young in the main roles. Based on a story by Philip Wylie.

In 1942, Twentieth Century-Fox released another film based on the same source, entitled Springtime in the Rockies, which was directed by Irving Cummings and starred Betty Grable, John Payne, Carmen Miranda and Cesar Romero.

The newly remarried Vicky (Loretta Young) is on vacation in Miami Beach with her second husband Bob Benton (Lyle Talbot) a Yale-man. One night Vicky finds her first husband Raoul McLiesh (Tyrone Power) on the terrace of the ballroom, and they skip between kissing as if they never divorced and the distant way of two not married people. As he is introduced to her second husband Bob, they have a certain complicity against Vicky, and McLiesh not only finds himself with a valet - Leo MacTavish (Stuart Erwin) - but also with a raccoon, sent him from Bob. He decides to stay at the hotel as his first wife seems more beautiful than ever. The next evening McLiesh brings a young girl - a cigarette-girl met on the road somewhere, Joy (Marjorie Weaver), who makes Vicky jealous, as her husband flirts with her. While businessman husband Bob has to leave, Vicky and Raoul get closer.

"You're the only real thing that ever happened to me. Don't let me go this time, please don't!", Vicky says one night to Raoul. And while Raoul's valet Leo McTavish marries Joy, Bob, Vicky and Raoul are in a storm of emotions trying to find their way to one or another.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
J'ai deux maris
Second Honeymoon ast
Genre:romantische Komödie
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 343
Verleih:20th Century Fox
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