Life Under Mike


Life Under Mike is a political documentary film directed and produced by Canadian filmmaker James Motluk. It was released to theaters in September 2000 to generally positive reviews.[1] The movie takes a critical look at the government of then Ontario Premier Mike Harris. It was partially funded by American Filmmaker Michael Moore after Motluk met Moore at the Toronto International Film Festival. Music was provided for the movie soundtrack by rock stars Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. In 2001, it received a Media human Rights Award from the League for Human Rights of Canada.

The movie touches on themes such as the need for government to play a role in the economy, the need for a strong sense of community and support for strong trade unions.

It features interviews with economist John Kenneth Galbraith and former NDP Leader Jack Layton.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Life Under Mike
IMDB: 43
Regie:James Motluk
John Kenneth Galbraith
Charles Kernaghan
Jack Layton
Produzent:John Kenneth Galbraith
Charles Kernaghan
Jack Layton
Darsteller:John Kenneth Galbraith
Charles Kernaghan
Jack Layton
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