Dangerously They Live


Dangerously They Live is a 1941 American World War II spy film directed by Robert Florey, and starring John Garfield, Nancy Coleman and Raymond Massey. Nazi spies try to pry information out of a British agent.

In New York City, German agents arrange for Jane Graystone (Nancy Coleman) to take a taxi driven by one of their own men. The abduction goes awry when the taxi collides with another vehicle. Both driver and passenger are taken to the hospital in an ambulance attended by intern Dr. Mike Lewis (John Garfield). On the way, Jane regains consciousness and claims to have amnesia; she cannot remember who she is. The driver reports this to his superiors. Mike is excited, as this is his area of study, and persuades Dr. Murdoch (Roland Drew) to let him take the case.

John Goodwin (Moroni Olsen) shows up and claims Jane is his daughter. However, after he leaves, Jane tells Mike that he is lying, and that she is actually working for British Intelligence. Mike does not quite believe her, especially when Goodwin returns with a famous specialist, Dr. Ingersoll (Raymond Massey), from whom Mike took a class.

When Jane adamantly refuses to go home with her "father," Ingersoll suggests that Mike go along to ease her mind. Jane agrees to this arrangement. In private, she tells Mike that she wants to find out as much as she can about the Nazi spy ring. Mike finds it suspicious that the Goodwin mansion is heavily staffed, and he is not permitted to go anywhere without an escort. When Steiner, a reluctant German agent, balks at kidnapping, he is kept prisoner at the mansion. He manages to pass a note to Mike, warning him that Jane is in great danger. This finally convinces Mike that she was telling the truth.

Mike manages to get away, but this only confirms Ingersoll's suspicion that Jane is faking her amnesia. By the time Mike returns with Sheriff Dill, the mansion is deserted except for Ingersoll. Still trusting his old teacher, Mike accompanies him to the district attorney. Ingersoll, however, has him committed as a doctor who became too close to the psychotics he was studying. A guard offers to let Mike escape for $500, but turns out to be working for the spies; Mike ends up back in Ingersoll's hands.

By threatening Mike, Ingersoll gets Jane to give him the location of a large convoy, which he passes along to a U-boat wolfpack. Mike manages to wrestle a gun away from a henchman. Jane (after informing Ingersoll she gave him the wrong information) notifies the authorities, who send bombers which sink the U-boats.

Afterward, Mike and Jane are in a car that is rear-ended. Jane once again pretends to have lost her memory ... until Mike starts kissing her.

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weitere Titel:
Dangerously They Live ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 352
Verleih:Warner Bros. Entertainment
Regie:Robert Florey
Produzent:Benjamin Stoloff
Darsteller:John Garfield
Nancy Coleman
Raymond Massey
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