Sklaven ihrer Triebe


The Seducers (Italian: Top Sensation, also known as Swinging Young Seductresses) is a 1969 Italian erotic drama film co-written and directed by Ottavio Alessi and starring Maud de Belleroche, Maurizio Bonuglia and Edwige Fenech.[1][2]

The beautiful prostitute Ulla (Edwige Fenech) is hired by the despicable Mudy (Maud de Belleroche) and invited on a sea cruise where Ulla is meant to take the virginity of Mudy's son Tony, a shy and mentally disabled 20-year-old with a tendency toward pyromania. Also invited on the cruise are the provocative Paula (Rosalba Neri) and her husband Aldo (Bonuglia), who are constantly striving to win the favor of a wealthy woman in hope of obtaining an oil concession. Despite her efforts, Ulla has no effect on the young man until the yacht stops on a Mediterranean island inhabited only by a goat herder and his wife, Beba (Eva Thulin). Tony is attracted to her, but little by little his mental disorders arise, and the story ends in tragedy.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Top Sensation lt cy
Sklaven ihrer Triebe
The Seducers
Αποκορύφωμα των Αισθήσεωνel
Genre:Filmdrama, Erotikfilm
IMDB: 647
Regie:Ottavio Alessi
Drehbuch:Ottavio Alessi
Musik:Sante Maria Romitelli
Darsteller:Edwige Fenech
Rosalba Neri
Eva Thulin
Maud de Belleroche
Maurizio Bonuglia
Ruggero Miti
Salvatore Puntillo
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