Tricoche and Cacolet


Tricoche and Cacolet (French: Tricoche et Cacolet) is a 1938 French comedy film directed by Pierre Colombier and starring Fernandel, Frédéric Duvallès and Ginette Leclerc.[1] It is based on an 1872 play of the same title by Ludovic Halevy and Henri Meilhac. The film's sets were designed by Jacques Colombier. Two idle Parisian boulevardiers set up a detective agency. They are separately hired by a husband and wife to spy on each other with their respective lovers, while a Turkish Prince has fallen in love with both the wife and her husband's mistress. Eventually everything is resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Tricoche et Cacolet
Tricoche and Cacolet
Detectieve bureau Fernandel en Co
Tricoche Et Cacoletcy
IMDB: 32
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