The NBC Comedy Hour

The NBC Comedy Hour was a comedy show that ran on NBC in the first half of 1956, intended to be a replacement for The Colgate Comedy Hour.[citation needed ]

Leo Durocher hosted the show in January, and Gale Storm from February until April 8; from April 22 on, hosts were called in per episode. Comic Jonathan Winters was a more frequent face than any of the hosts; he appeared in 17 of the 18 episodes. Stan Freberg was also a guest 6 times. Topical comedian Mort Sahl's network debut was on the Comedy Hour. A group of acting chimpanzees named The Marquis Chimps performed parodies of movies in 3 episodes.[citation needed ]

The show was a critical and ratings failure:[citation needed ] Variety stated "A more poorly conceived, routined and paced outing would be difficult to imagine."[3] It was cancelled in June, having already been pre-empted 4 times in 5 months.[citation needed ][3] It was succeeded by The Steve Allen Show, whose reputation became a marked contrast to that of The NBC Comedy Hour.[citation needed ] The Paley Center for Media has several episodes of the series in their archives.

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weitere Titel:
The NBC Comedy Hour ast ga
Genre:komödiantische Fernsehserie
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 19
Regie:Herbert Kenwith
Darsteller:Jonathan Winters
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