American Greed

"Kevin Trudeau's Secrets" Infomercial kingpin Kevin Trudeau is making hundreds of millions selling baldness cures, weight loss programs, get-rich schemes and whatever else he can think of on late night television. But when the FTC cries foul and fines him $37.6 million, Trudeau makes his most brazen pitch yet-claiming he's completely broke. For years, he'll play a cat and mouse game with the government, all the while flaunting his wealth, fleecing his legions of supporters-and trying to stay out of prison. "Remington Steal" Andrew Bogdanoff says his Philadelphia-based company Remington Financial Group is securing loans and making dreams come true for hundreds of small business people across the country. All he needs is an upfront, non-refundable down payment to close the deal. With offices scattered across the country, a twenty-year history, and billions of dollars supposedly secured, the deal sounds like a dream. But it's really a nightmare that might have gone on forever if two victims didn't decide to fight back.

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