Vladimir Horunzhy

Vladimir Horunzhy (born September 19, 1949, in Kyiv) is a film producer and composer, a well-known jazz musician. Graduated from a Special music school at Kyiv Music Conservatory. His first composition was written at the age of 12. In the '70s led the Pop-Symphony Orchestra of Radio and Television of Ukraine. From 1977 to 1981 lived and worked in Hungary. Moved to the U.S. in 1981. The first project, which he participated in as a composer there, was the famous daytime soap opera “Santa Barbara”.

An active jazz musician, Vladimir performed at Soviet jazz festivals in Tallinn, Moscow, Donetsk, and throughout the Soviet Union. At age 26 he became principal conductor and staff composer for the Ukrainian National TV and Radio Orchestra, Kyiv. Living in Budapest, Vladimir composed and conducted for Hungarian State Orchestra. Entering the realm of film scoring, he scored feature films and animation. He also performed with jazz-rock groups throughout the European community.

Later on, when Vladimir moved to New York, he had an opportunity to work with such renowned musicians as George Benson, Michael Brecker, Marcus Miller, and Michael Urbaniak, to name just a few. He frequented jazz club "Seventh Avenue South" with his groups "212" and "Central Committee" that included Omar Hakim, Victor Bailey, Bob Malach, Jeff Andrews, Don Mulvaney, Mitch Coodley, and others.

In the course of his work, Vladimir met film composing-great, Jerry Goldsmith. Orchestrating for and studying with the Master, Vladimir further refined his art of film scoring.

Starting in 1991 Vladimir Horunzhy produced his first feature. Comedy "High Strung" had an all-star cast and became an instant hit with fans of Jim Carrey, Steve Oedekerk, Fred Willard, and Kirsten Dunst (her first part in the movies). This film became a cult classic. There are more than 60 features, TV and animation films produced and/or scored by Vladimir Horunzhy. Since 2006 along with a US-based production company, producing Ukrainian film projects. In 2009 he founded the production company/studio InQ located in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Geburtsdatum:19.09.1949 (♍ Jungfrau)
Alter:72Jahre 9Monate 10Tage
Berufe:Filmproduzent, Komponist,


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