Save Virgil


Save Virgil is a short independent film by Brad Ableson that mixes live action with animation, released on March 3, 2004. It features the voice of Adam Carolla as the title character who is a human cartoon living in real world. It made its television premiere on G4's Happy Tree Friends and Friends series.

The story starts with a crowd gathered at the Hollywood sign with Virgil sitting on top of the sign strapped with dynamite preparing to take his life. A reporter from the local new covering the story live climbs up to get an exclusive interview with Virgil. Thus Virgil recounts his life story.

Virgil was born to a young biker girl. Due to Virgil's "unusual" condition her love interest at the time leaves her, forcing her to raise Virgil on her own. Over the next couple of years Virgil would have trouble adapting with other kids his own age. Resulting in him becoming perverted and foulmouthed. The only thing that kept him happy was the cartoon character Viking Girl. A voluptuous blond Viking warrior who Virgil was convinced that just like him, was a living toon who became a successful actor in Hollywood, and that they were destined to be together. So he embarks for Hollywood to find her and confess his feelings for her. On the way he is picked up by a group of hippies/druggies who give him weed. After having the weed, Virgil imagines himself on a motor bike in a weird and wonderful place. It changes to him and Viking girl running together and then they're on the ground just about to have intercourse when Virgil imagines hair growing from his hands and spots on his face bursting and stuff flowing out and building up around him. When he comes around he is in fact being humped by a monkey and the people around him laughing at him. Once he arrives at the studio where Viking Girl is filmed. He learns the horrible truth that Viking Girl is nothing more than a made-up cartoon character and his journey was in vain. So Virgil straps dynamite to his person and goes to the Hollywood sign to take his life. Returning the story to the present.

Hearing the story, the reporter becomes sadden and hugs Virgil only for him to cop a feel of her breast. She scolds him and in retaliation Virgil prepares to set off the dynamite. The reporter desperately begs Virgil not to commit suicide, suggesting that he, himself could become the first living cartoon star, as he already has a legion of fans. Virgil ponder the idea and imagines what his life would be like, which resembles an elaborate hip hop video, and agrees to this. But suddenly Virgil is fatally shot. The gunman is none other than former child actor Gary Coleman who states that the price of fame is not worth it, and Virgil dies. Suddenly Virgil finds himself in an animated heaven and Viking Girl has been waiting for him. Virgil begins to have intercourse with her but suddenly everything turns dark and Virgil discovers that he has gone to hell and that he has been humping the Satan's leg, who himself is in the form of Gary Coleman in a red devil costume.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Save Virgil ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 44
Musik:Christopher Lennertz
Darsteller:Adam Carolla
Ginger Lynn
Gary Coleman
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