Rancid – Treibjagd durch die Nacht


Rancid is a 2004 English-language Swedish thriller film, written by Jesper Ersgård and directed by Jack Ersgard.[1]

Once a promising young writer, John barely makes a living doing odd jobs. After a personal tragedy he is now stuck in a negative mood and dispassionate about his work. In the middle of his existential crisis he attends a high school reunion and meets three old friends, acquaintances he's tried to forget but who now appear like scary shadows from his past. Face to face with the love of his life, John tries to right old wrongs and get his life in order. John soon realizes that the past is best laid to rest or it might haunt him for all eternity. Wanted by the police for murder, he must choose between succumbing to his darkest desires or the light that will renew his faith in himself and his future.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Rancid – Treibjagd durch die Nacht
Genre:Thriller, Actionfilm
IMDB: 1106
Regie:Jack Ersgard
Drehbuch:Jack Ersgard
Patrik Ersgård
Darsteller:Matthew Settle
Ola Rapace
Fay Masterson
Patrik Ersgård
Currie Graham
Jay Acovone
Jennifer Jostyn
Siena Goines
Pernilla August
Jarmo Mäkinen
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