Police Court


Police Court is a 1932 American pre-Code drama film starring Henry B. Walthall, Leon Janney, Lionel Belmore, and King Baggot. Directed by Louis King and released by Monogram Pictures, the screenplay was adapted by Stuart Anthony from his story. Police Court features an all-star cast from the silent film era.

A once popular actor, Nat Barry (played by Henry B. Walthall), is a has-been because of his alcoholism. The legendary film star is forced by necessity to take a job selling patent medicine at a traveling sideshow dressed in a costume as Abraham Lincoln. Having trouble staying sober, he is arrested and taken before a "police court" for drunken disorder. His teenage son, Junior Barry (played by Leon Janney), pleads on Barry's behalf and Judge Robert Webster (played by Edmund Breese) grants him a reprieve.

Junior is determined to see his father make good again, vowing to keep him off the bottle and on the screen. He attempts to get bit parts for Barry, but he has trouble delivering his lines on the movie set for the compassionate director, Henry Field (played by King Baggot).

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weitere Titel:
Police Court ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 28
Verleih:Monogram Pictures
Regie:Louis King
Kamera:Archie Stout
Darsteller:Henry B. Walthall
Leon Janney
Lionel Belmore
King Baggot
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