Panic Button


Panic Button is 1964 low-budget Italian-produced comedy film starring, Maurice Chevalier, Eleanor Parker, Jayne Mansfield, and Mike Connors. Filmed in the summer of 1962, in Italy, and released nearly two years later, the film tells the story of how two unknown actors (Chevalier and Mansfield) are chosen to be in a big-budgeted film version of Romeo and Juliet. The film was known for being one of the many foreign movies Mansfield was forced to make since her contract was dropped from 20th Century Fox in 1962.

The film was opened to a brief release in Italy in 1962, and was officially released in the United States in April 1964. At most theaters, Panic Button served as a secondary feature and not a success.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Panic Button
En heldig spekulantnb
IMDB: 118
Regie:George Sherman
Giuliano Carnimeo
Drehbuch:Stephen Longstreet
Kamera:Enzo Serafin
Schnitt:Gene Ruggiero
Darsteller:Maurice Chevalier
Eleanor Parker
Jayne Mansfield
Mike Connors
Akim Tamiroff
Carlo Croccolo
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