Vier Pfeifen Opium


The Quiet American is a 1958 American drama romance thriller war film and the first film adaptation of Graham Greene's bestselling 1955 novel of the same name,[2] and one of the first films to deal with the geo-politics of Indochina.[3] It was written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and stars Audie Murphy, Michael Redgrave, and Giorgia Moll. It was critically well-received, but was not considered a box office success.

The film flips the novel on its head, turning a cautionary tale about foreign intervention into anticommunist advocacy of American power. In writing the script, Mankiewicz received uncredited input from CIA officer Edward Lansdale, who was often said to be the actual inspiration for the American character—called "Pyle" in the novel but unnamed in this film—played by Murphy.[2][1] In fact Greene did not meet Landsdale until after completing much of the novel. According to Greene, the inspiration for the character of Pyle was Leo Hochstetter, an American serving as public affairs director for the Economic Aid Mission in Indochina who was assumed by the French to “belong to the CIA,” and lectured him on the “long drive back to Saigon on the necessity of finding a ‘third force in Vietnam.’”[4]

The film stirred up controversy. Greene was furious that his anti-war message was excised from the film, and he disavowed it as a "propaganda film for America."[2] The Quiet American was remade in 2002, directed by Phillip Noyce, with Brendan Fraser and Michael Caine, in a version more faithful to Greene's novel.[2]

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weitere Titel:
Un americano tranquillo
L'americà tranquil
The Quiet American sh ast
Hiljainen amerikkalainenfi
Un Américain bien tranquille
Тихий американец
آمریکایی آرامfa
O americano tranquilogl
Vier Pfeifen Opium
Người Mỹ trầm lặng (phim 1958)vi
Genre:Literaturverfilmung, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 1908
Verleih:United Artists, Netflix
Regie:Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Drehbuch:Edward Lansdale
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Kamera:Robert Krasker
Schnitt:William Hornbeck
Musik:Mario Nascimbene
Produzent:Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Darsteller:Audie Murphy
Michael Redgrave
Claude Dauphin
Giorgia Moll
Bruce Cabot
Fred Sadoff
Richard Loo
Yoko Tani
Georges Bréhat
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