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He Ran All the Way is a 1951 American film noir crime drama directed by John Berry, starring John Garfield and Shelley Winters.[2]

The film was Garfield's last, as accusations of his involvement with the Communist Party and a refusal to name names while testifying before the HUAC led to his blacklisting in Hollywood. He died less than a year later, at age thirty-nine, from coronary thrombosis due to a blood clot blocking an artery in his heart.

During the film's initial run, director John Berry and writers Dalton Trumbo and Hugo Butler were uncredited due to Hollywood blacklisting during the Red Scare.

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weitere Titel:
Menace dans la nuit
He Ran All the Way ast
Ho amato un fuorilegge
Va arribar fins al final
Он бежал всю дорогу
Steckbrief 7-73
Genre:Kriminalfilm, Film noir, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Verleih:United Artists
Regie:John Berry
Drehbuch:Dalton Trumbo
Hugo Butler
Kamera:James Wong Howe
Schnitt:Francis D. Lyon
Musik:Franz Waxman
Darsteller:John Garfield
Shelley Winters
Wallace Ford
Gladys George
Norman Lloyd
Selena Royle
Clancy Cooper
William H. O'Brien
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