Lovespell is a 1981 fantasy romantic tragedy film featuring Richard Burton as King Mark of Cornwall. It was directed by Tom Donovan. Originally filmed in 1979, this film got released for limited screenings in theaters in 1981. It is based on the classic saga of Tristan and Isolde, which was also the basis for the 2006 film Tristan and Isolde.

Lovespell is based around a love triangle between King Mark of Cornwall (Richard Burton), Isolt (Kate Mulgrew), and Tristan (Nicholas Clay). Mark discovers Isolt's love for Tristan, and banishes Tristan. However, while being away, Tristan is mortally wounded. Isolt persuades Mark to go and take Tristan back to Cornwall. Mark says if he returns casting white sails Tristan is alive and if they are black Tristan is dead. Mark returns with Tristan barely alive with white sails, but casts black sails when Tristan reveals his plans to run away with Isolt as soon as he has recovered. This causes Isolt to kill herself by throwing herself off the White Cliffs of Dover. Mark helps Tristan swim to the shore, and as Tristan and Isolt's hands touch they both die, while Mark, knee deep in the water, looks on.

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weitere Titel:
Lovespell nb
IMDB: 158
Regie:Tom Donovan
Kamera:Richard H. Kline
Musik:Paddy Moloney
Produzent:Claire Labine
Darsteller:Richard Burton
Kate Mulgrew
Nicholas Clay
Cyril Cusack
Niall O'Brien
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