Long Shot


Long Shot is a 1939 American horse racing film directed by Charles Lamont.

The film is also known as The Long Shot.

Henry Sharon is about to be ruined financially by rival stable owner Lew Ralston when he gets an idea to fake his own death. His prize horse Certified Check is bequeathed to niece Martha, a young woman Ralston had hoped to marry.

Martha and friend Jeff Clayton begin to enter Certified Check in races, but he always loses. Then they get a tip that the horse hates running near the rail.

Given an outside post, Certified Check has a legitimate shot to win the big stakes race at Santa Anita, but first he must be kept out of sight to keep Ralston from sabotaging his chances.

Wilson Benge, Dorothy Fay, Earle Hodgins, Wilbur Mack, Carl Meyer, Lee Phelps, Norman Phillips, Jason Robards Sr. and Claire Rochelle appear uncredited.

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weitere Titel:
Long Shot ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 68
Regie:Charles Lamont
Drehbuch:Ewart Adamson
Produzent:Charles Lamont
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