Kind Lady


Kind Lady is a 1935 drama film starring Aline MacMahon and Basil Rathbone. It is based on the play of the same name by Edward Chodorov and a short story called The Silver Mask by Hugh Walpole.

Doris Lloyd appeared in this film and its 1951 remake of the same name in different roles.

Wealthy and charitable Mary Herries (Aline MacMahon) is tricked by aspiring artist Henry Abbott (Basil Rathbone) into letting him and ill wife Ada (Justine Chase) stay in her stately home.

When he invites friends Mr. and Mrs. Edwards (Dudley Digges and Eily Malyon) to pay a visit, they overstay their welcome as well. Days turn into weeks, making Mary and housemaid Rose (Nola Luxford) increasingly anxious for everyone to leave.

It turns out to be a plot masterminded by the silky and sinister Abbott to steal everything Mary owns. He masquerades as a relative and they as her butler and maid, holding Mary and Rose captive in their rooms. Outsiders are told that Mary has gone on holiday to America and won't return for a long time.

The plot thickens as Rose is killed. The suspicions of Mary's business adviser, Foster (Donald Meek), are confirmed when no record of Mary applying for a passport can be found. The police arrive just in time to save her and place Abbott under arrest.

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weitere Titel:
Kind Lady ast
Un bienfait dangereux
سيدة لطيفة (فيلم) 1935
Genre:Filmdrama, Kriminalfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 283
Regie:George B. Seitz
Drehbuch:Bernard Schubert
Edward Chodorov
Musik:Edward Ward
Produzent:Lucien Hubbard
Darsteller:Aline MacMahon
Basil Rathbone
Mary Carlisle
Frank Albertson
Doris Lloyd
Donald Meek
Frank Reicher
Colin Kenny
Charles Coleman
Jimmy Aubrey
Dudley Digges
Nola Luxford
Murray Kinnell
Eily Malyon
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