Special Forces USA


Special Forces is a 2003 American war film directed by Isaac Florentine and written by David N. White. The film stars Marshall R. Teague, Tim Abell and Danny Lee Clark.

In the aftermath of the war in Bosnia, former Bosnian Army General Hasib Rafendek (Eli Danker), who is convicted of war crimes has taken command of the military of the former Soviet republic of Muldonia.

In a Hezbollah terrorist camp, a U.S. Army private is being held hostage. His interrogator decides to terrorise him with a revolver. Meanwhile, an elite Special Forces team infiltrates the camp to rescue him. Eventually, they're spotted, and are forced to open fire on the terrorists. The team rescues the private and flee in a boat back to friendly territory. Which is followed by another mission of rescuing an American journalist. The movie mainly focuses upon the impossible rescue mission.

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weitere Titel:
人質奪還 アラブテロVSアメリカ特殊部隊
Jednostka specjalnapl
Special Forces ast
Специални частиbg
نیروهای ویژهfa
Special Forces USA
القوات الخاصة (فيلم 2003)
القوات الخاصهarz
Genre:Kriegsfilm, Thriller, Actionfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 780
Regie:Isaac Florentine
Produzent:Boaz Davidson
Darsteller:Marshall R. Teague
Tim Abell
Danny Lee Clark
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