Goodbye Again


Goodbye Again is a 1933 pre-Code romantic comedy film made by First National Pictures and Warner Bros.[1]

It was directed by Michael Curtiz and produced by Henry Blanke from a screenplay by Ben Markson, based on the play by George Haight and Allan Scott. Cinematography was by George Barnes and costume design by Orry-Kelly.

The film stars Warren William, Joan Blondell, Genevieve Tobin, Hugh Herbert, Wallace Ford, Helen Chandler, Hobart Cavanaugh, and Ruth Donnelly.

On tour in Cleveland, famous author Kenneth Bixby (Warren William) decides to reignite a romance with ex-sweetheart Julie (Genevieve Tobin), skipping a downtown engagement at Halle's. However, Julie's family, her husband Harvey (Hugh Herbert), and Bixby's loyal secretary Anne (Joan Blondell), who has been carrying a torch for her boss for years, would prefer that Bixby stick to writing and stay away from Julie.[1]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Goodbye Again fi ast
Genre:romantische Komödie
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 374
Regie:Michael Curtiz
Drehbuch:Ben Markson
Kamera:George Barnes
Musik:Leo F. Forbstein
Produzent:Henry Blanke
Darsteller:Genevieve Tobin
Helen Chandler
Hobart Cavanaugh
Hugh Herbert
Jay Ward
Joan Blondell
Ruth Donnelly
Wallace Ford
Warren William
Lester Dorr
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