Cover is a drama thriller film produced and directed by Bill Duke and starring Aunjanue Ellis, Razaaq Adoti, Vivica A. Fox, and Leon. It opened at selective theaters on February 22, 2008.

A woman accused could be either a killer or a victim in this psychological drama from director Bill Duke. Valerie Mass (Aunjanue Ellis) is a God-fearing housewife and artist who one day finds herself in a situation she never imaged possible—being questioned on murder charges by no-nonsense police detective Hicks (Lou Gossett Jr.) and Simmons (Clifton Davis), a district attorney eager to close this case.

As Valerie repeatedly insists she's not a murderer, she tells the story of the last several months of her life. Valerie's husband, Dutch (Razaaq Adoti), is a psychiatrist with a practice in Atlanta who was offered a high-paying job by his old friend Monica (Paula Jai Parker), who works at a hospital in Philadelphia. Dutch takes the job and Valerie dutifully follows, and she seeks solace in the women's support group at local church.

Dutch spends more and more time with drug-abusing Monica, her wealthy but uninterested husband, Kevin (Roger Guenveur Smith), and obsessively womanizing musician Ryan Chambers (Leon). As Valerie's marriage begins to fall apart, she suspects her husband is being unfaithful, but she's shocked to discover the truth is more complicated than she imagined. The men in Cover are married men that pass H.I.V. to their male or female partners. Many of the men hide behind the vow of marriage, but still desire men. The women know, but have grown accustomed to the extravagant lifestyle.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Cover ast
Genre:Homosexualität im Film, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 529
Verleih:20th Century Fox
Regie:Bill Duke
Kamera:Francis Kenny
Musik:Kurt Farquhar
Produzent:Bill Duke
Darsteller:Aunjanue Ellis
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