Blonde Fever


Blonde Fever is a 1944 comedy film directed by Richard Whorf and starring Philip Dorn, Mary Astor, Felix Bressart, Gloria Grahame. It is also known as Autumn Fever.

Peter Donay (Philip Dorn) is the not-so-happy owner of the Café Donay, which is a fancy roadside establishment somewhere between Reno and Lake Tahoe in Nevada. His marriage is not what it should be, and he has a gambling addiction.

One day, he meets nightclub waitress Sally Murfin (Gloria Grahame), who is a lot more interested in Peter's money and business than in anything else. Peter’s wife, Delilah (Mary Astor), knows about her husband's love affair and is determined to get rid of Sally by tricking her into believing that there is no money to be had from Peter by telling Sally about the gambling and lying about the business being poor. Her plan does not work, so Delilah tries to split them up by hiring Sally’s beau Freddie Bilson (Marshall Thompson) as a waiter and letting him stay above their garage. Her plan goes to waste when Sally overhears that Peter is the winner of $40,000 in a lottery. Now Sally is more determined to lay her hands on Peter.

Sally's advances on Peter makes Freddie very jealous. Eventually, Freddie pulls a gun on Peter and threatens to shoot him. Peter confesses that he and Sally are in love and going to get married. Delilah asks Peter for a divorce, asking him for the winning lottery ticket as her settlement. Peter refuses at first, but eventually he gives in and gives her the money.

Full of regret, he then tells Sally’s friend Johnny about his mistake, and that he wants his wife back. Sally is outraged when she hears about the settlement and is more interested in Freddie, now that Delilah has bought him a new motorcycle. Sally disappears with Freddie, and Peter begs his wife Delilah for forgiveness, and gets it. It turns out she was bluffing about divorcing and leaving him all along, when her suitcase opens as they kiss and make up, revealing that it is empty.

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weitere Titel:
Blonde Fever ast
Genre:romantische Komödie
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 364
Regie:Richard Whorf
Musik:Nathaniel Shilkret
Darsteller:Frits van Dongen
Mary Astor
Felix Bressart
Gloria Grahame
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