Blazing Stewardesses


Blazing Stewardesses is a 1975 American sex comedy film, directed by Al Adamson. Its title derives from the 1975 film The Naughty Stewardesses and the 1974 film Blazing Saddles.

Producer Sam Sherman intended the film to be a fond throwback to B-pictures of the 1940s, and hired a cast of screen veterans: The Ritz Brothers, Yvonne De Carlo, Don "Red" Barry, and Bob Livingston. Originally, the film was to have starred the then-current incarnation of The Three Stooges, but last surviving original Stooge Moe Howard was too ill to perform, which led to the Ritz Brothers being brought in as replacements for the March 1975 filming; Moe Howard died in early May 1975. There is some "T&A" content (DeCarlo's character runs a brothel) but nothing explicit, and the film mostly resembles a vintage western, complete with dude-ranch setting, outlaw hijackers, stunt riders, masked cowboy hero, and rodeo footage (intercut with shots of Harry and Jimmy Ritz kibbitzing in the stands).

Because of the western theme, the working title The Jet Set was changed to Blazing Stewardesses to capitalize on the box-office hit Blazing Saddles. The film was later re-released under at least three alternate titles: Texas Layover, Cathouse Cowgirls, and The Great Truck Robbery.

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weitere Titel:
Blazing Stewardesses ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 334
Regie:Al Adamson
Darsteller:Yvonne De Carlo
Ritz Brothers
Don Barry
Robert Livingston
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