Avenging Waters


Avenging Waters is a 1936 Western film directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and starring Ken Maynard, Beth Marion, Ward Bond and John Elliott. It was written by Nate Gatzert.

A film about a land dispute. Charles Mortimer (Elliott) buys cattle from Ken Morley (Maynard) and builds a fence to keep them in. His neighbour, Slater (Bond), is angered by Mortimer's actions because he wants access to the land. By way of revenge, he builds a dam cutting off Mortimer's water supply. Morley confronts Slater, and Slater captures and imprisons him in a shack. The dam is subsequently destroyed by lightning, and the shack holding Morley is in the path of the oncoming wall of water. Aided by his horse and a stout rope, Morley is able to get the bars off the shack window and escape the shack, riding toward Mortimer's place just ahead of the water. Mortimer and his henchman hear the water coming and flee the ranch on horseback, riding double. But they've left behind another prisoner, the girl. Morley is just in time to scoop her up in his arms and ride up a nearby hillock to safety, as the water, having already destroyed his shack-prison, rushes over top of the Mortimer ranch. They get married, and Mortimer and his man are never heard from again.

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weitere Titel:
Avenging Waters ast
Het wrekende water
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 75
Verleih:Columbia Pictures
Regie:Spencer Gordon Bennet
Darsteller:Ken Maynard
Beth Marion
Ward Bond
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