Blutiges Spiel


After the Game is a 1997 neo-noir drama/mystery film directed by Brewster MacWilliams and starring Frank Gorshin, Stanley DeSantis, Sam Anderson, Mike Genovese, Susan Traylor, and Robert Dubac. It is produced by Robert Peters and Roy Winnick. The screenplay was written by Brewster MacWilliams.

The film explores the themes of poker, revenge, deceit, lust and greed, and explores karma and the afterlife.

The DVD, titled The Last Hand, was issued in 2004.

Aging gambler Benny Walsh (played by Gorshin) dies in a suspicious car crash after the biggest poker win of his life. His son, Clyde (played by Dubac), comes to the Nevada town in search of answers. He discovers that each of his father's gambling buddies had ample reason to see him dead.

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weitere Titel:
After the Game ast sq
Blutiges Spiel
آفتر ذا جايم (فيلم)
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 130
Produzent:Robert Peters
Darsteller:Frank Gorshin
Stanley DeSantis
Sam Anderson
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