3 Dumb Clucks


3 Dumb Clucks is a 1937 short subject directed by Del Lord starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard). It is the 22nd entry in the series released by Columbia Pictures starring the comedians, who released 190 shorts for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

The Stooges are in jail when their mother sends them a letter. The letter states that their father (Curly Howard, playing both himself and his father) has just become rich via an oil well, has left their mother, and that very same day is going to marry a young, gold-digging blonde named Daisy (Lucille Lund). The Stooges break out of jail and set off to try to stop the wedding. But since Curly and his father look exactly alike, Daisy ends up marrying the wrong man. The Stooges manage to escape the clutches of the criminals trying to kill them for their father's oil money, and rescue their father. With that they drag the unconscious father back to their mom.

Filming for 3 Dumb Clucks commenced between February 1 and 5, 1937.[1] It is a send-up of the feature film Three Smart Girls.[2]

This is the third of sixteen Stooge shorts using the word "three" in the title, however, 3 Dumb Clucks is the only one to use the numeral "3".[2] It was reworked in 1953 as Up in Daisy's Penthouse, using minimal stock footage from the original.[2]

During the scene where Curly's father arrives for his wedding, two of the gold digger's henchmen dispose of him by throwing him down an elevator shaft. The prop men had padded the bottom of the shaft to cushion Curly's fall, but neglected to cover a protruding 2 in × 4 in (51 mm × 102 mm) panel. Curly was thrown down the shaft quickly, and landed head-first on the panel, tearing his scalp open. As the Stooges were workhorses at Columbia Pictures, Curly was not taken to the hospital. Instead, the studio physician was rushed to the set to apply several stitches to Curly's scalp. Some fresh hair was glued over the wound, and with a healthy dose of painkillers, the slightly wobbly Stooge was back in action within a few hours.[3]

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weitere Titel:
3 Dumb Clucks ast cy
3 نقنقات غبية
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 585
Verleih:Columbia Pictures
Regie:Del Lord
Drehbuch:Clyde Bruckman
Kamera:André Barlatier
Schnitt:Charles Nelson
Produzent:Jules White
Darsteller:Moe Howard
Larry Fine
Curly Howard
Lucille Lund
Frank Mills
Eddie Laughton
Cy Schindell
Al Thompson
Harry Tenbrook
Lew Davis
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