Frau ohne Moral?


Dishonored Lady is a 1947 American film noir crime film directed by Robert Stevenson and starring Hedy Lamarr, Dennis O'Keefe, and John Loder. It is based on the 1930 play Dishonored Lady by Edward Sheldon and Margaret Ayer Barnes. The film is also known as Sins of Madeleine. Hedy Lamarr and John Loder were married when they made this film; they divorced before the year was out.[2]

It is the story of a beautiful art department editor at a high-profile Manhattan fashion magazine who becomes a lively party girl at night. With the pressures of her work and her disappointing love life driving her to a breakdown, she seeks out the help of a psychiatrist, who recommends that she leave her job and her lifestyle behind and move into a smaller apartment under another name. Following his advice, she takes an interest in painting and meets a handsome neighbor.

Dishonored Lady was released by United Artists in the United States on May 16, 1947.

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weitere Titel:
Dishonored Ladypl ast
Μια Ατιμασμένη Γυναίκαel
La Femme déshonorée
Frau ohne Moral?
Обесчещенная леди
Genre:Kriminalfilm, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 1041
Verleih:United Artists
Regie:Robert Stevenson
Jack Chertok
Hunt Stromberg
Drehbuch:Edmund H. North
Edward Sheldon
Margaret Ayer Barnes
André De Toth
Ben Hecht
Kamera:Lucien Andriot
Musik:Carmen Dragon
Produzent:Jack Chertok
Hunt Stromberg
Darsteller:Hedy Lamarr
Dennis O’Keefe
John Loder
William Lundigan
Douglass Dumbrille
Margaret Hamilton
James Flavin
Gino Corrado
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