Ten Zan – The Ultimate Mission


Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission (also known as Missione Finale) is a 1988 science fiction action film written and directed by Ferdinando Baldi under the pseudonym "Ted Kaplan".[1] The film stars Frank Zagarino, Sabrina Siani, and Romano Kristoff. It was Baldi's final film before his death in 2007.

The film, an international co-production between Italy and North Korea, was filmed on-location in the latter country. To date, it is one of the few Western-produced non-documentary features to be shot in the country, and one of the only films made there to feature American actors. The film portrays North Korea as a futuristic utopia, a decision which Baldi later explained as "a conscious avoidance of reality" foisted upon the production by the local regime.[2] Among the supporting cast is Charles Robert Jenkins, an American wartime defector who had since appeared in several propaganda films.

Ten Zan was one of eight North Korean films to be shown at the Udine Festival of Far East Film in 2000. In a report of these screenings for Asiaweek, Richard James Havis regarded the film as "truly lamentable", saying: "The acting is worse than that of the propaganda movies, as is the plot."[2]

The title Ten Zan is a reference to the last Japanese stronghold on Iwo Jima, which was called Devil's Peak by the American soldiers trying to capture the island during the Battle of Iwo Jima.[3]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Ten Zan : Sứ mệnh cuối cùngvi
Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission
Missione finale
Остання місія (фільм)
Ten Zan – The Ultimate Mission
텐 잔: 디 얼티밋 미션ko
Тэн Зан: Последняя миссия
IMDB: 78
Regie:Ferdinando Baldi
Drehbuch:Ferdinando Baldi
Darsteller:Frank Zagarino
Romano Kristoff
Sabrina Siani
Mark Gregory
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