La Storia


La Storia ("History") is a 1986 Italian drama film directed by Luigi Comencini and starring Claudia Cardinale. It is based on the 1974 novel of the same name written by Elsa Morante. A shorter version of the film was released theatrically, while a 4 hours and a half version was broadcast in three parts on Rai 2 on December 1986.[1][2] It premiered out of competition at the 43rd Venice International Film Festival, where Cardinale refused to appear, upset because the film had not been selected in the main competition.[2][3]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
La Storia
IMDB: 97
Regie:Luigi Comencini
Drehbuch:Suso Cecchi D’Amico
Cristina Comencini
Luigi Comencini
Kamera:Franco Di Giacomo
Musik:Fiorenzo Carpi
Darsteller:Claudia Cardinale
Francisco Rabal
Fiorenzo Fiorentini
Lambert Wilson
Maria Teresa Albani
Raffaele Di Mario
Tobias Hoesl
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