Gentleman of the Press


Gentlemen of the Press is a 1929 all-talking American pre-Code film starring Walter Huston in his first feature film role, and Kay Francis and an uncredited Brian Donlevy in their film debuts. The film still survives. This film's copyright has expired, and it is now in the public domain. It survives in a copy sold to MCA for television distribution.[1]

The film is based on Ward Morehouse's 1928 Broadway play Gentlemen of the Press.[2]

In the 1930 silent melodrama by Yasujirō Ozu, That Night's Wife (Sono yo no tsuma), a poster of this film is prominently displayed (Ozu, who had a "passionate love of American film", according to scholar David Bordwell, often featured in his films posters of movies he liked).[3]


Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Gentlemen of the Press
Gentleman of the Press ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 56
Verleih:Paramount Pictures
Regie:Millard Webb
Drehbuch:Ward Morehouse
Kamera:George J. Folsey
Produzent:Monta Bell
Darsteller:Walter Huston
Kay Francis
Charles Ruggles
Norman Foster
Brian Donlevy
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