G.A.S.S. oder Es war notwendig, die Welt zu vernichten, um sie zu retten


Gas-s-s-s (also known as Gas! or It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It) is a 1970 post-apocalyptic black comedy film produced and released by American International Pictures.

It was producer Roger Corman's final film for AIP, after a long association. He was unhappy because AIP made several cuts to the film without his approval, including the removal of the final shot in which God comments on the action — a shot Corman regarded as one of the greatest he had made in his life.[1]

The movie is a post-apocalyptic dark comedy, about survivors of an accidental military gas leak involving an experimental agent that kills everyone on Earth over the age of 25. (A cartoon title sequence shows a John Wayne-esque Army General announcing — and denouncing — the "accident"; the story picks up after the victims have died.)

The lead characters, Coel and Cilla, are played by Robert Corff and Elaine Giftos, and the cast features Ben Vereen, Cindy Williams, Bud Cort and Talia Shire (credited as "Tally Coppola") in early roles. Country Joe McDonald makes an appearance, as spokesman "AM Radio".

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weitere Titel:
Газ! — или Как пришлось уничтожить мир, чтобы его спасти
Gas-s-s-s ast
Gas, fu necessario distruggere il mondo per poterlo salvare
G.A.S.S. oder Es war notwendig, die Welt zu vernichten, um sie zu retten
Genre:Science-Fiction-Film, Comedy-Wissenschaftsfiktion, Endzeitfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 1207
Verleih:American International Pictures
Regie:Roger Corman
Drehbuch:George Armitage
George Armitage
Musik:Country Joe and the Fish
Produzent:Roger Corman
Darsteller:Bud Cort
Talia Shire
Cindy Williams
George Armitage
Country Joe McDonald
Alex Wilson
Ben Vereen
George Armitage
Pat Patterson
Elaine Giftos
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