Crazylegs is a 1953 film about Elroy Hirsch's football career. In college (University of Wisconsin and University of Michigan) his unconventional dynamic running style allowed him to change directions in a multitude of ways. The media dubbed him "Crazylegs". The name stuck all through his professional career and life. The bulk of this film is centered on his college days. Crazylegs later became part of the foundation of the "Three End" with the LA Rams. This film captures the genuine quality of Hirsch's personality, with Hirsch playing himself in the part.

The film premiered in Wausau, Wisconsin, Hirsch's hometown. Cotton Warburton's editing was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Film Editing.

Elroy Hirsch's life is told from his days in a school in Wisconsin and then at the University of Wisconsin where he already excelled in sports. After military service, Elroy becomes a professional athlete and earns the nickname of Crazylegs, by which he became known internationally. An injury almost ends his career, but in a typical case of personal overcoming, he achieves a triumphant return.

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weitere Titel:
Crazylegs ast
疯狂的腿zh-cn zh-hans zh
Genre:Filmdrama, Filmbiografie, Amerikanischer Footballfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Verleih:Republic Pictures
Regie:Francis D. Lyon
Drehbuch:Hall Bartlett
Kamera:Virgil Miller
Schnitt:Cotton Warburton
Musik:Leith Stevens
Produzent:Hall Bartlett
Darsteller:Elroy Hirsch
Lloyd Nolan
James Millican
Bob Waterfield
James Brown
John Brown
Louise Lorimer
Joseph Crehan
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