Target: Harry


Target: Harry (also known as How to Make It and the original title What's in it for Harry?[2]) is a 1969 thriller film directed by Roger Corman. The film was originally meant as a television pilot for the American Broadcasting Company.[3] Rather than show it as a made for television film, the film was released theatrically as How to Make It. The film was shot in Monaco and Turkey in 1967 with Monte Hellman editing the film in 1968.[4] Roger Corman took his name off the film and credited himself as "Henry Neill".

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weitere Titel:
Target: Harry ast
Bersaglio umano
Istanbul, mission impossible
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 99
Regie:Roger Corman
Schnitt:Monte Hellman
Musik:Les Baxter
Produzent:Gene Corman
Darsteller:Vic Morrow
Suzanne Pleshette
Victor Buono
Cesar Romero
Stanley Holloway
Charlotte Rampling
Laurie Main
Ahna Capri
Christian Barbier
Michael Ansara
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