Welcome, Reverend!


Welcome Reverend (Italian: Benvenuto, reverendo!) is a 1950 Italian crime film comedy directed, written by and starring Aldo Fabrizi. It co-stars Massimo Girotti and Lianella Carell.

Giuseppe (Massimo Girotti), an ex-convict meets with a village priest Don Peppino (Aldo Fabrizi) with a letter requesting that he is given a job but the man happens to be so ill that he cannot help him. Over time, starving and in a desperate state, Giuseppe steals a hundred lira from the church and flees in the robes of the cleric. Outside he is confronted by police officer who, in mistaking him for the village priest requests that he comes to the aid of a local rich landlord whose farmers are on strike and threaten to take over the land. If he is able to settle the conflict then as an award the church will be granted a large sum of money to revamp the old church. Imposing as the priest Don Peppino, Giuseppe decides to see if he can squander the money by fulfilling the task.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Welcome, Reverend!
Benvenuto, reverendo!
Benvenuto reverendo!sh
IMDB: 15
Regie:Aldo Fabrizi
Drehbuch:Aldo Fabrizi
Piero Tellini
Kamera:Aldo Giordani
Musik:Carlo Innocenzi
Produzent:Aldo Fabrizi
Darsteller:Aldo Fabrizi
Lianella Carell
Gabriele Ferzetti
Giovanni Grasso
Virginia Balistrieri
Vittorio Duse
Marianne Hold
Massimo Girotti
Ada Colangeli
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