Vive le Tour


Vive le Tour is a 1962 French documentary by filmmaker Louis Malle.[1] It chronicles the 1962 Tour de France and focuses on issues such as providing food for the racers, dealing with injuries and doping. The New York Times describes the film as containing "ebullience, whimsy, jet black humor, awe and unspeakable tragedy" and as "a worshipful documentary of a sport made by a man who knew it intimately and loved it."[2] Vive le Tour won the Dok Leipzig Golden Dove award in 1966.[1]

Jean Bobet, a cyclist himself and brother of the great Louison Bobet, is the voice-over in this documentary.

The 18-minute film is available on DVD from The Criterion Collection as part of their Eclipse series.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Vive le Tour
IMDB: 770
Verleih:The Criterion Collection
Regie:Louis Malle
Drehbuch:Louis Malle
Kamera:Ghislain Cloquet
Jacques Ertaud
Louis Malle
Jean Bobet
Musik:Georges Delerue
Darsteller:Jean Bobet
Louis Malle
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