Everybody Does It


Everybody Does It is a 1949 comedy film starring Paul Douglas, Linda Darnell and Celeste Holm. In the film, a businessman's wife tries to become an opera star, failing miserably due to her lack of talent. When it turns out that her totally untrained husband is found to have a marvelous singing voice and goes on tour under an assumed name, his wife is livid.[3]

Darnell sings long stretches of an imaginary opera, L'Amore di Fatima. The music for it was written by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. In a little tongue-in-cheek detail, the poster for the opera lists Tedesco – who wrote real operas — as the composer. To add to the illusion of the opera's authenticity, Douglas also sings some known songs, including a musical setting of the Rudyard Kipling poem Mandalay and the Toreador Song from Carmen. The operatic scenes were staged by Vladimir Rosing.

The film is a word-for-word remake of 1939's Wife, Husband and Friend, which starred Warner Baxter as Borland, Loretta Young as his wife, and Binnie Barnes as Cecil Carver.

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weitere Titel:
Si ma moitié savait ça
Everybody Does It ast
Se mia moglie lo sapesse
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 265
Verleih:20th Century Studios
Regie:Edmund Goulding
Drehbuch:Nunnally Johnson
Kamera:Joseph LaShelle
Musik:Alfred Newman
Produzent:Nunnally Johnson
Darsteller:Paul Douglas
Linda Darnell
Celeste Holm
Charles Coburn
Millard Mitchell
Lucile Watson
George Tobias
Mae Marsh
Mario Siletti
John Hoyt
Leon Belasco
Tito Vuolo
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