Don Quichotte


Don Quixote (1933) is the English title of a film adaptation of the classic Miguel de Cervantes novel, directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst, starring the famous operatic bass Feodor Chaliapin. Although the film stars Chaliapin, it is not an opera. However, he does sing four songs in it. It is the first sound film version of the Spanish classic. The supporting cast in the English version includes George Robey, René Donnio, Miles Mander, Lydia Sherwood, Renée Valliers, and Emily Fitzroy. The film was made in three versions—French, English, and German—with Chaliapin starring in all three versions.

The producers separately commissioned five composers (Jacques Ibert, Maurice Ravel - who wrote three songs -, Marcel Delannoy, Manuel de Falla and Darius Milhaud) to write the songs for Chaliapin. Each composer believed only he had been approached.

Ibert's music was chosen for the film, but this caused him some embarrassment as he was a close friend of Ravel's. Ravel considered a lawsuit against the producers. He dropped the action, and the two composers remained close friends.[1] EMI released excerpts from the soundtrack of the French version on 78-rpm and LP discs.[2]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Don Chisciotte
Don Quixote ast
Adventures of Don Quixoteen-ca en-gb sh
Don Quichotte
دن کیشوت (فیلم ۱۹۳۳)fa
Дон Кихот
Genre:Dramedy, Romanverfilmung
Herstellungsland:Frankreich, Vereinigtes Königreich, Deutschland
IMDB: 300
Verleih:United Artists
Regie:Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Drehbuch:Paul Morand
Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Paul-Alexandre Arnoux
John Farrow
Kamera:Nicolas Farkas
Musik:Jacques Ibert
Produzent:Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Darsteller:Oscar Asche
Emily Fitzroy
Wladimir Sokoloff
Sidney Fox
George Robey
Miles Mander
Wally Patch
Lydia Sherwood
Frank Stanmore
Fjodor Iwanowitsch Schaljapin
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