Ladies in Love


Ladies in Love (1936) is a romantic comedy film based upon the play by Leslie Bush-Fekete. It was directed by Edward H. Griffith and stars Janet Gaynor, Constance Bennett and Loretta Young. The film revolves around three roommates (Gaynor, Bennett, and Young) in exotic Budapest and their comical romantic adventures. Gaynor, Bennett, and Young were billed above the title, with Gaynor receiving top billing. The movie also featured Simone Simon, Don Ameche, Paul Lukas, and Tyrone Power.[1]

Supporting player Simone Simon co-starred with James Stewart the following year in Seventh Heaven, a remake of the 1927 film of the same name, playing one of Janet Gaynor's greatest roles from the silent era.

Tyrone Power and Loretta Young made such an impact in this movie that they were quickly paired by the studio in several more films, including Love Is News (1937), Cafe Metropole (1937), Second Honeymoon (1937), and Suez (1938).

Constance Bennett is generally acknowledged by critics as having the best role in the film, but her career went into a steep decline within a few years. Top-billed Janet Gaynor elected to leave films a couple of years later while still at her height, shortly after A Star Is Born and The Young in Heart, in order to travel with her husband, Hollywood costume designer Adrian.

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weitere Titel:
Quatre femmes à la recherche du bonheur
Ladies in Love ast
Ragazze innamorate
Genre:romantische Komödie
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 396
Verleih:20th Century Studios
Regie:Edward H. Griffith
Drehbuch:Paul Girard Smith
Kamera:Hal Mohr
Musik:David Buttolph
Darsteller:Janet Gaynor
Constance Bennett
Loretta Young
Simone Simon
Don Ameche
Paul Lukas
Tyrone Power
Monty Woolley
Alan Mowbray
Egon Brecher
J. Edward Bromberg
Virginia Field
Wilfrid Lawson
Lynn Bari
John Bleifer
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