Mit einem Bein im Kittchen


Used Cars is a 1980 American satirical black comedy film written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale and directed by Zemeckis. Rudy Russo (Kurt Russell) is a devious car salesman working for an affable but monumentally unsuccessful used car dealer Luke Fuchs (Jack Warden). Luke's principal rival, located directly across the street, is his more prosperous brother, Roy L. Fuchs (also played by Warden), who is scheming to take over Luke's lot. The film also stars Deborah Harmon and Gerrit Graham, and the supporting cast includes Frank McRae, David L. Lander, Michael McKean, Joe Flaherty, Al Lewis, Dub Taylor, Harry Northup, Dick Miller and Betty Thomas.

Steven Spielberg and John Milius act as executive producers on the project, while the original musical score was composed by Patrick Williams. Filmed primarily in Mesa, Arizona, the film was released on July 11, 1980.

Although not a box office success at the time, it has since developed cult film status due to its dark, cynical humor and the Zemeckis style.[2] It was marketed with the tagline "Like new, great looking and fully loaded with laughs." It was the only Zemeckis film to be rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America until Flight (2012).

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weitere Titel:
Używane samochodypl
La Grosse Magouille
Подержанные автомобили
Used Cars ast
سيارات مستعملة
Вживані автомобілі
La fantastica sfida
爾虞我詐zh-hant zh
尔虞我诈zh-cn zh-hans
Ужываныя аўтамабіліbe
Brugte biler
Mit einem Bein im Kittchen
ماشین‌های مستعملfa
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 12
Verleih:Columbia Pictures
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